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The best-loved Fresh Burger Restaurant Chains in Saudi Arabia

About Us

It was established in 2009 by Mohammed Al-Ruwaigh and his partners, by challenging the market situation by providing
"Unique experience at a competitive price"
Burgerizzr has grown to become one of the best "Fresh Burger Restaurant Chains" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company continued its success and expanded and spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the total number of branches has so far reached more than
  100 branches
During the year 2021, the most prominent event in the company's history occurred, which is the listing in the parallel market "Nomu"

Our Vision

The company strives to be a major player in the fast food market in the region, and to create value-added brands.

Our Values

We are fair to people

 to: our talents, our guests, and our partners

We are passionate about our work

 with: professionalism, commitment, and loyalty

We challenge the status quo

 with: ​creativity, initiative, and responsibility

Our Message

  • Delivering a quality experience at an affordable price

  • Create a distinctive work environment for the company's talents

  • Continue to contribute to society

  • Providing stable and rewarding returns to the company's investors



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Aloyaynah road, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh. Tel. 920022997

Sunday to Thursday 9AM - 4PM

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