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About Burgerizzr

Burgerizzr is one of the GCC’s fastest-growing homegrown QSR chains, in terms of restaurant openings. From initiation to today only a select few worldwide QSR brands can boast the same store growth rates as Burgerizzr (100 Resturant in 10 years). We believe Burgerizzr has incredible growth potential in part due to the high demand for fresh Beef and Chicken Burgers. Burgerizzr Franchisees will be the key to success as we expand throughout the GCC and MENAP regions. Developing winning teams, superior operators and profitable restaurants are our top priorities


How to be one of our success Partner ?


Quality Fresh food at an competitive price is our mission and to ensure all products in every market achieve this the International Expansion Manger will work closely with your purchasing, supply and logistics team. We know demand will be high so we will ensure that products are available either locally or we will supply direct from KSA.


Full support will be given from the moment you shake hands on the Franchise agreement. The International Expansion Manger will personally over see every aspect of Operations from A to Z. Be it from the Orientation of the team to the KPI implementation with your management team.


Burgerizzr has three well-structured approaches to training and defining a ‘Career and Development Planner’ for all employees. Training is set in three structured phases and each phase is modular based depending on your teams’ stage of development.


Burgerizzr has a Marketing team dedicated to ensuring the brand continuingly has high awareness in our target market. All promotions are carefully evaluated to ensure the maximum return on investment. Whether this is to increase sales and profit through higher margins or through increased footfall Marketing will provide analyze prior to execution.

Development & Site Selections 

All development and site selections will be reviewed by the International Expansion Manger and the development team to ensure maximum return on investment. Location location location is the three most important principles when choosing a site. Locations that possess the following attributes ‘Visibility, Accessibility and High Footfall’ play a significant role in the success of any Burgerizzr restaurant. In short, Burgerizzr will guide you initially through site selection, Real Estate, and construction.

Ideal Partner

The Ideal partner for Burgerizzr will be a hands-on operator and possess at least five years of multi-site experience in a similar customer-facing environment. Being financially stable and able to provide financial statements to support the area development plan they present. ​

Countries Available​​

Franchise Opportunities are available throughout the GCC and MENA region.


Burgerizzr was co-founded in 2009 by Mohammad Al Ruwaigh, Burgerizzr has grown to be one of the best-loved ‘Fresh Burger Restaurant Chains’ in Saudi Arabia. Stemming from a passion to develop a ‘quality food at affordable price’ the Burgerizzr burgers were well received by its target market by serving ‘made to order, fresh Beef and Chicken burgers.’ In less than 10 years Burgerizzr has grown from one restaurant to 90+ throughout the Kingdom with a target of 100 by the end of 2021 and 200 by 2025.




Reasons to invest 

Fastest growing Burger Chain in KSA

Receptive market that has a belief in fresh burgers

Burgerizzr believes this success and expansion can be replicated throughout the GCC and MENAP regions over the next 10 years and we are looking for Franchises with the same passion, desire, and crazing for ‘Fresh Better Burgers!’

World Class Support

Burgerizzr has a team of experienced people who excel in their given roles.

World Class Modular Training Programs 

An easy to follow ‘Standard Operation Procedure

Full support on all design and construction processes

 A supply chain and purchasing team for collective bargaining

Continued Support from the Franchise Department

Right Locations

The Burgerizzr team has vast experience in site selections, looking not just at the base rent cost but also the visibility, accessibility and the actual footfall of all locations. Sales from each location are a must and the location plays a huge part in the success of any restaurant sales. Restaurants can be ‘full option Flagships, DT, Inline and Mall sites’ depending on the market feasibility study. Burgerizzr is a higher quality burger at a slightly higher price than most QSR restaurants. The affluence and spending power of the locals/ex-pats will also be assessed in any proposed area to develop.

World Class Support

A passion to lead by following 

Quick Service Restaurant, (QSR) Multi-unit, retail or food service experience with a proven    record of success 

You will have high knowledge and Access to highly-preferred real estate along with          expertise  in negotiating agreements in your market 

Necessary capital and financial capacity to develop numerous restaurants over your agreed Franchise agreement period

An administrative structure to sustenance, own and run a network of multiple restaurants in designated territory or country

Contact Details

If you feel the passion, the will and a similar sentiment to what Burgerizzr has shown over the last tens years then we would like to hear from you.

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Have you ever owned a Business?
Do you plan to be the day-to-day operator
Do you plan to have a partner?

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